Concept Spider Boys 12in Bike - ON488FX
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This stylish Concept boys’ bike is an excellent addition to the Concept range. With 12in lightweight alloy rims and a BMX style handlebar it is sure to impress. A fully enclosed chain guard keeping those fingers safe and trousers clean, the Concept Spider is designed to help any child enjoy cycling safely! Also, this bike has those essential first bike stabilisers, non-slip pedals, and high-rise handlebars ensuring your child’s eyes stay focused on the road ahead. The Spider comes equipped with an adjustable stem and seat post, meaning the bike can grow with your child! With no dangerous sharp edges and a padded foam saddle, your child can ride comfortably and effortlessly.

Frame: 7in. Suspension: No suspension. Gearset: N/A. Brakes: Front and rear V-brakes with alloy adjustable Brake 2 finger levers. Wheels: 12in. Inside leg length: 38 to 41in.

Product Code: ON488FX

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Concept Spider Boys 12in Bike - ON488FX